Nordik inspirations at home

Fancy a Nordic atmosphere? Interior designers are getting more and more inspired by Scandinavian style.
Scandinavian design is characterized by simple shapes, clean lines, and elegance. Often made of wood, Nordic furniture is very functional even though it’s stylish!

Wood : indispensable!
Scandinavian design is inspired by nature, one of the reasons wood is the most widely used material. In Scandinavia, wood must be present throughout a home. The timber gives homes a certain elegance, warmth, and sense of respect for nature.
To create a clean, simple space, choose furniture made of solid wood such as birch, pine, maple or beech. Scandinavian furniture is sober and clean, but created with a keen eye for detail. Keep in mind that furniture should be simple, functional and comfortable.

Northern Light :
The decor is typically Scandinavian: light and airy. So much so that it feels like it’s easy to breathe and you’re close to nature. With short days and long cold winters, light sources are crucial in this part of the world. Expanding natural sources of light is important in order to create a warm, welcoming living space.
Mirrors in oval shapes are often used. They reflect light, making the most of natural light. Scandinavians also love to put candles everywhere and have exquisite candle holders (wooden of course) often painted red and white, almost as if to remind us that Santa Claus lives there.

The choice of colors :
Get inspired by the colors of nature: warm, simple colors and clear, bright pastel shades (white, pale yellow, light green, light blue). Try monochromatic color schemes too. Reserve bright colors (like red) to break overly simple color schemes though. Be careful not to overuse these bright colors.

This is what inspires us when we design clothes.